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A web clearinghouse of information on log scaling and other related areas. This website is intended to provide reference and a source of information for those who participate in roundwood measurement and those who would like to learn more about it.

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The 2014 Meeting of the Timber Measurement Society to be held on 9-11 April 2014 at the Coeur d'Alene Resort in Coeur d'Alene Idaho

For more information go to the Timber Measurement Society website. 

Featured Publications  
Forest Product Conversion Factors for the UNECE Region
Geneva Timber and Forest Discussion Paper 49
May 2010, United Nations Economic Commission for Europe, Forestry and Timber Section, 45 pages
This publication provides ratios of raw material input to the output of wood-based forest products for 16 countries of the UNECE region. Analysts, policymakers, forest practitioners and forest-based manufacturers often have a need for this information for understanding the drivers of efficiency, feasibility and economics of the sector. The publication includes explanations of the units of measure, the drivers of the ratios, as well as information on physical properties of wood-based forest products. Finally, where reported factors were unavailable, factors from other sources were given. Click here to download a free copy. 
The Measurement of Roundwood
Methodologies and Conversion Ratios
October 2005, Cabi Publishing 288 pages, Hardcover
A comprehensive guide to the various methods by which roundwood and the products of roundwood are measured around the world. Click here for more information, reviews and purchase locations. 

Log Scaling Guide for Exporters
Bulletin No. 221
2001, New Zealand Forest Research Institute, 53 pages
This book was written as a guide for those involved in scaling, marketing and management of export logs. It has procedures and conversions for five different scaling methods. Click here for more information and to purchase

Procedures for the Measurement of Roundwood
Second edition
1994, New Zealand Forest Research Institute, 127 pages
This manual sets out the official New Zealand Forest Service procedures for the measurement of roundwood. Click here for more information and to purchase 

Log Scaling and Timber Cruising
1993, OSU Bookstore, 439 pages, pocket sized
A reference for measuring trees and logs in the US (especially the Western regions). Click here for more information, and to purchase.  

Converting among Log Scaling Methods: Scribner, International and Doyle Versus Cubic
2004, USFS Forest Products Laboratory, 8 pages, downloadable PDF
A guide to converting with the scaling rules used in the US versus cubic measure. Click here to download a free copy.  

Forest Measurements
Thomas Eugene Avery, Harold Burkhart, 480 pages, hardcover
This text is intended for introductory courses in forest measurements. Emphasis is on the measurement of timber, with detailed coverage on measuring products cut from tree boles, measuring attributes of standing trees, inventorying volumes of forest stands, and predicting growth of individual trees and stands of trees. Background information on statistical methods, sampling designs, land measurements, and use of aerial photographs is also provided.  Click here for more information and to purchase. 

Without Fear or Favour
T.G. Honer, 213 pages

This book is the principle reference for early and current wood measurement practices and the 230 year evolution of the culling and scaling profession in Canada. Click here for more information and to purchase.  

Practical Lumberman
Bernard Brereton, 44 pages
Bernard Brereton was a steamship captain operating in the west coast of North America. He wrote two books on log scale and other information on logs and lumber which would be of value to those that work with timber as well as transport it by ship. He was certainly ahead of his time, and this book is full of timeless and useful information. Mr. Brereton's describes his book as follows: "If you manufacture lumber or veneer, buy sell or transport logs or piling by land or water, this is the book you need. The unique information it contains will prove a valuable asset to those engaged in the lumber or logging industries or steamship operations and at the same time it will give those who possess it a tremendous advantage over those who do not have it". "The erroneous Scribner, Spaulding, British Columbia and Doyle exorbitant allowance scales "now in force" are absolutely useless except to trap the unsophisticated or unwary transporter of logs by land or water. The intricacies of these pernicious, inconsistent, one-sided, and mystifying log scales are explained and exposed in this book"  click here to download.  

Lumber and Log Exporters' Guide
Bernard Brereton, 111 pages
Bernard Brereton's complete guide to shipping and measuring logs and lumber. Full of useful and timeless information including: weight to volume ratios for western North American timber species, procedures for many methods of scaling and a plethora of other information on measuring timber and even running a steamship. Not only did he write the first significant guides to conversion factors for roundwood, but the log scale that he designed and bears his name (Brereton log scale) is the premier method used around the world for tropical timber. He prefaces the book as follows: "Owing to the increasing demand from all parts of the world for lumber and logs from the Douglas fir and California redwood regions, the eyes of commerce have turned toward the Pacific coast, a land of realities and opportunities for the far-seeing business man". "The information in this book is equivalent to a complete educational course in the operation of steamers engaged in the export lumber and log trade". The good news is that this book is currently available for purchase, at a very reasonable price ($6.50), from a book dealer who currently has a significant quantity in stock. Click here for more information and to purchase. 

Scaling and Cruising Publications

Alberta Scaling Manual

BC Cruising Manual

BC Scaling Manual (updated November 1, 2011)

A Collection of Log Rules

Estimating the Board Foot to Cubic Foot Ratio

Finland Scaling Regulations (Puutavaropolkky Jen Mittaus)

Forest Products Measurements and Conversion Factors with Special Emphasis on the US Pacific Northwest

Forest Product Conversion Factors for the UNECE Region (Europe and North America)

German Scaling Standards for Rheinland Pfalz (Vermessung Von Rundholz)

Idaho Log Scaling Manual

New Brunswick Scaling Manual

New Hampshire Best Log Scaling Practices Guide

Northwest Log Rules Advisory Group Scaling Handbook

Northwest Log Rules Advisory Group Scaling Supplement

Norwegian Log Scaling Regulation

Nova Scotia Log Scaling Manual

Ontario Scaling Manual

Quebec Scaling Manual

The Southeast Asia Lumber Producer Association (SEALPA) Log Scaling and Grading Rules

Swedish Timber Measurement Council Log Scaling Manual

UK Scaling

USFS Board Foot Scaling Manual

USFS Cubic Scaling Manual

USFS Timber Cruising Manual

Yukon Scaling Manual

Other Scaling Links
(Note: pages can be translated into many languages by opening page with Google translate)

AMBLQ (Licenced log scalers of Quebec) Newsletter "A Notre Mesure"

Argentina Scaling

Arkansas Timber Scaling

Australian Scaling and Cruising

Belgium Log Scaling (Le Cubage des Bois Abattus en Belgique)

Brazil Scaling and Cruising (Cubagem de toras de Mogno)    (powerpoint version with lots of diagrams and pictures)

Brazil Log Measurement Standards

Cameroon Log Scaling

Coast Rica Scaling Standards (Sistemas de medición utilizados en Costa Rica para calcular volumen de madera en troza y aserrada)

Dr. Gil's Log Scaling Site 

Doyle Log Rule History and Overview 

Doyle Log Rule, Examples of Pitfalls

Estonia Scaling and Cruising Website

European Union Scaling Standard

Finnish Log Scaling page

Forestry Commission Research Log Scaling

France Log Scaling  

France (cubage des bois rond)

German Scaling

Guyana Scaling

Guatemala Scaling  (Manual Para Estimar el Volumen de la Madera)

Idaho Board of Scaling Practices

Indonesia Log Scaling

Indonesian Standards

Italian Log Scaling and Weight Factors

Italian Scaling Rules from the Bolzano Region (Messung des Rundholzes)

Log Scaling, a Day in the Life of a Log Scaler in Redwood Country

Log scaler is murdered in 1912 (the eyewitness account)

Maine Log Scaling Regulations (see chapters 380-385)

Manitoba board foot scaling guidelines

Manitoba cubic metric scaling guidelines

Mexican Scale and Lumber Recovery

Nicaragua Log Measurement Standards (Estandarizacion de Unidades de Medidas y Cálculo de Volumenes de Madera)

NZ Log Volume Formulas

NZ Log Grades and JAS Scale

Ontario BF Rule

USFS scaling manual, 1916 edition

Scaling Organizations

Timber Measurement Society

This American organization was founded in the early 1960s and currently is made up of Timber Measurement professionals encompassing  three chapters: the Cal-Vada district (California), Intermountain (East of the Cascade Mountains (Oregon and Washington and all of the Rocky Mountain states and Black Hills area), and the Cascade district (Western Oregon, Washington and Alaska).  District meetings are normally held in the Spring with the Main body holding its meeting in the fall. Meetings are typically two-day meetings with relevant speakers, timber measurement workshops and presentations. Currently the goal of the organization is to inform and educate the membership of relevant information and to promote uniform measurement of timber in the Western part of the US, however, anyone interested in founding a chapter outside of the current regions is invited to contact the secretariat with any proposals and any interested people are invited to become members. Contact the Timber Measurement Society.

The Northwest Log Rules Advisory Group

It was informally organized in 1951 for the purpose of analyzing and discussing problems in connection with scaling and grading of logs for all species in the Douglas fir producing area.  The Group was created for the express purpose of promoting uniformity and standardization of rules and the application of rules to be applied in scaling and grading logs. It was recognized that timber produced in the various areas differs in texture, appearance, and overall quality.  It was also recognized that there was a wide divergence of market prices log-wise, and of manufacturing procedures in these areas. At the same time, recognition was made of the fact that end products manufactured are competitive both market-wise and price-wise. The Official Rules for Westside and Eastside Log Scaling and Grading and the Supplement to Official Log Scaling and Grading Rules (Training Manual) are developed and produced under the auspices of the Northwest Log Rules Advisory Group. The NWLRAG meets semi-annually. Contact the NWLRAG.

L' association des Mesureurs de bois licencies de la provice de Quebec (Licenced log scalers of Quebec)

The Licensed log scalers of the province of Quebec (AMBLQ) is an association in existence since 1950 and with a goal of maintaining, improving and increasing the professional knowledge, skill and competence of its members in all the related areas of roundwood measurement and log grade within the province of Quebec. The AMBLQ also works at maintaining and raising the standing of log scalers in Quebec. To achieve the above stated aims, the AMBLQ organizes seminars and workshops and provides a forum for discussion amongst its more than 200 members.  Contact AMBLQ.

Timber Measurement Council

The Swedish Timber Measurement Council, VMR, is set up to work for a fair, practical, economical and a as far as possible uniform timber measurement. In order to achieve this goal the Council takes part among others in investigations of importance for the timber measurement. The Council also authorizes enterprises working with timber measurement. The timber measurement in Sweden is carried out by three impartial Timber Measurement Associations. They are organized like so called economical associations and measure almost all the wood raw material consumed by the Swedish forest industry. Contact VMR.
Scaling Meetings
Timber Measurement Society

The 2011 meeting of the Timber Measurement Society was held in the Seattle/Tacoma area of Washington on April 6-8. There were two-day's of presentations on measurement topics, which and a field trip to the Simpson mill in Tacoma. The 2012 meeting will be held in Coeur d'Alene Idaho.

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